COVID-19 Vaccine Speakers Group

Community Members:

The goal of the Speakers Group is to provide a venue for essential workers to talk with physicians in a balanced and patient-centered way about their questions and concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Download:                English PDF                            SPANISH PDF         

*Please feel free to share the UCSF COVID Vaccine Speakers Group Brochure with CBO's and Unions.

    Looking for a Speaker?

    If you are interested in having a UCSF speaker come talk to your community-based organization or union of essential workers, please follow this LINK!

    Resources for Speakers:

    Any interested clinicians?

    If you are a clinician interested in joining the Speakers Group, please complete the SIGN-UP FORM!   *Please note that you do not need to be a USCF clinician in order to join the Speakers Group.


    Learn about how to talk about J&J!  Listen to ID experts Lisa Winston and Susan Buchbinder discuss this during the first 30 minutes of the recent April 14th Speakers Group Training HERE.  Passcode is &Q5QmC1t7.  (The "." is part of the password.)


    Presentation Slides (PDF):

    Email [email protected] for slides in other languages.

    Resource Links: