About Policy Champions

Celebrating UCSF's broad impact on policy
The work of UCSF leaders has touched every corner of the world. Learn how these champions have married science to policy locally and globally.

Science-based policy is our standard

For decades, UCSF has served as a wellspring of science, and the go-to resource for policy makers to find health experts.

The Policy Champions team is working to document these experts' impacts, so that their inspiration, strategies, and outcomes are available to inspire science advocates who are just beginning their work.

Our Team

This resource has been assembled with the direction of Claire Brindis and guidance from the leadership team at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies. We are grateful for funding for this project that was provided by the School of Medicine.

Thanks to:

  • Teresa Moeller for project management, enthusiasm, and vision
  • CTSI Profiles leadership for advice and vision: Anirvan Chaterjee, Brian Turner, and Leslie Yuan
  • Population Health and Health Equity's Kirstin Bibbins-Domingo, Alice Fishman, and Geoff Daily for their leadership
  • Christina Mangurian, Roberto Vargas for their support
  • The web development team at the Center for HIV Information for their know-how and guidance: Nicolé Mandel, Mary Salome, and Mark McCormick