A Conversation with Dr. Alicia Fernandez – Newly Appointed Associate Dean for Population Health and Health Equity

By Jennifer Pearce on July 16, 2021
We talked with newly appointed Associate Dean for Population Health and Health Equity Dr. Alicia Fernandez about her new role, post-COVID opportunities, and the benefits of not returning to “normal.”

Race and Medicine

By Jennifer Pearce on June 29, 2021
Turning awareness into action can be a heavy lift, especially when the topic is weighty.

Lessons from a Person-Centered, Equity-First Vaccine Outreach Effort

By Jennifer Pearce on June 22, 2021
  Local COVID-19 infection rates are down, vaccination rates continue to inch up, and the state is reopening. UCSF Health has taken an equity-minded population health approach to vaccine outreach and continues to refine their efforts based on valuable lessons learned. Equity can’t wait.

UCSF Speaker Series on Climate Change and Health

By Jennifer Pearce on June 15, 2021
This Spring, the UCSF School of Medicine Office of Population Health and Health Equity hosted a virtual speaker series to highlight the launch of the Center for Climate, Health and Equity. Under the direction of founding co-directors, Dr. Sheri Weiser and Dr.

How Dr. Christine Anastasiou used Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) data to highlight mortality disparities among hospitalized lupus patients

By Jennifer Pearce on June 14, 2021
COVID-19 offered stark proof of how much we still have to learn about the immune system. COVID-19-triggered cytokine storms that, in severe cases, caused patients’ immune systems to attack healthy tissues and organs, are reminiscent of how autoimmune diseases cause immune systems to mount responses...

Preventing a Twindemic

By Jennifer Reihm Pearce, MPA on February 24, 2021
Preventing a Twindemic How UCSF Health’s Office of Population Health is collaborating with primary care providers and community ambassadors to increase flu vaccinations for a historically under-vaccinated population In a year dominated by concern around COVID-19, the 2020-21 flu season received...

Leading UCSF’s pandemic response with a population mindset

By Jennifer Reihm Pearce, MPA on February 23, 2021
Health systems are designed to care for one person at a time, but the COVID-19 pandemic demands a more complex response. It requires a population mindset with strategies to reach entire communities and entire populations, as well as an equity focus to understand that the most marginalized...

COVID-19 Vaccine Speakers Group

February 16, 2021
Community Members: The goal of the Speakers Group is to provide a venue for essential workers to talk with physicians in a balanced and patient-centered way about their questions and concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Health Atlas Update

By Jennifer Reihm Pearce, MPA on February 12, 2021
The UCSF Health Atlas, an interactive population health mapping website, recently underwent several key updates. Our team redesigned the Health Atlas interface for a better experience on mobile. COVID-19 data were added to reflect confirmed case and death totals for nursing home and prison...

New “places” feature in UCSF Health Atlas visualizes COVID-19 cases and social determinants of health at the sub-county level

By Jessica Fields on July 07, 2020
The UCSF Health Atlas, a population health mapping website led by the School of Medicine Dean’s Office of Population Health and Health Equity, recently added a new “places” feature that gives users the ability to visualize COVID-19 cases and neighborhood data down to the zip-code, neighborhood, and...