UCSF programs related to population health, health equity, and health services

UCSF is nationally and internationally known for population health, health equity, and health services research. The programs and partners below represent the cutting-edge work being done in these fields.



Analytics programs support access to data and consulting resources for population health research.

Computational health science research, practice, and education in support of precision medicine

Research infrastructure, services, and training to advance clinical and translational research to improve patient and community health

Resources, workshops, and programs about software and programming, data visualization, and finding public data sets

Community Engagement

Community engagement programs bridge academic research, health policy, and community practice to improve public health.

Support for collaborations between academic researchers, health policy, and community to improve public health

Facilitates mutually beneficial practice-based research partnerships between UCSF researchers and community-based primary care organizations, practices, and clinicians

A cross-sector collaboration designed to improve the health and wellness of all San Franciscans with a focus on community health needs assessment.

A collaborative effort to reduce cancer in San Francisco by engaging health care systems, government, community groups, and residents

Health Determinants

These programs focus on the individual and behavioral factors that influence health.

Research, education, and public service activities to promote tobacco control

Collaborative environment for research, training, and clinical applications in human genetics

Research, training, and resources for providers and professional groups to support smoking cessation

Health Disparities

Health disparities programs focus on research, programs, and mentorship to improve health and reduce disparities in diverse or vulnerable populations. Most have a special focus on equity and the social determinants of health, including poverty and racism.

Community-engaged interventions to reduce health disparities among older adults

Multidisciplinary research and education to address social, behavioral, and policy aspects of health

Research on the social determinants of health, particularly maternal and infant health

Innovative, actionable research to increase health equity and decrease health disparities in at-risk populations

Research to reduce oral health disparities in children and adolescents

Education, research, and service to improve health and reduce the burden of disease in the world's most vulnerable populations

Applied research to inform and guide health system improvement, community health, policy, and advocacy to achieve equity in health and healthcare

Advancing the use of implementation sciences methods to improve health and health equity

Action-oriented research in the biomedical, social, and behavioral sciences in order to improve health, eliminate health disparities, and establish equity in health

Policies and Institutions

These programs perform research and provide educational and training opportunities in health services and policy research.

Research in the evolving healthcare workforce and training leaders to navigate change

Interdisciplinary research, training, and technical assistance to inform health policy

Special Populations and Diseases

These programs conduct research and training with a focus on a distinct population or disease.

The umbrella organization that integrates UCSF’s AIDS programs and labs

Creates a collaborative environment to promote health and health equity in partnership with Asian American communities

Programs address reproductive and sexual health research, care, policy, and medical training

Basic science, clinical research, epidemiology, and patient care to advance HIV prevention science

Research, education and collaboration to reduce the global cancer burden in resource-limited settings

Basic science, clinical research, epidemiology, and patient care to advance cancer prevention and care

Research and training in health policy and health services research to promote the health of aging populations

Works to eliminate racial disparities in preterm birth through research, partnerships, and education

Research, training, and health-policy work to reduce the impact of contaminants on reproductive and developmental health

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