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Data and research resources for population health and health services

We have compiled a searchable list of more than 100 dataset resources for population health, health services, and health equity research.  The datasets are categorized by geography, type, and cost and linked to website access.

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UCSF Access 

UCSF researchers now have access to restricted data from the National Center for Health Statistics at the UC Berkeley Restricted Data Center, institutional access to IBM MarketScan claims data, and geocoded UCSF Health patient data. Get access by submitting a CTSI Consultation Request Form.

Need help?

If you need advice in study design, research methodology or dataset selection, submit a CTSI Consultation Request Form

If you need general advice and training in identifying data sources, programming and software for large datasets submit a UCSF Library Data Science Specialist Request Form.

Stay tuned!  We are working to get institutional access for more datasets.

Contact us to add a new research dataset: [email protected]