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Meet the leaders who are tackling critical health policy needs and engaging policy makers and stakeholders in using evidence to more effectively shape clinical practice, health programs, and health policy.

Topics of Impact

Our top change makers are influencing our community in a variety of ways. Meet policy champions in some key areas of impact. Select one of the topics below for a full list.


Public health programs and to maximize access to care have changed the course of HIV in the United States. Our faculty are working at the bench, the bedside, and the boardroom to align evidence and practice.


Our faculty bring insights from the microbiome, the clinic, and the library to inform decision makers grappling with school lunch standards, federal regulation, and everything in between.

Health Equity

Too often, access to health services is difficult for those who need it most. Our change makers work to ensure access to vulnerable populations, including children, refugees, homeless, prisoners, and those struggling with substance use and poverty.

Environmental Health

Discovering, documenting, and divulging the toxic exposures that impact health are just first steps. Our experts also work with government and industry to define, monitor and report on efforts to mitigate those exposures.

Reproductive Health

Our champions work worldwide to ensure that women have the power to plan their families through access to safe and effective birth control, abortion services, sex education, and childbirth and HIV/STI care, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or income.


Taking on sugar

Cristin Kearns's research is looking at the impacts of sugar industry practices on public health concerns such as obesity and diabetes

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