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Please provide a brief description of this person's policy-related work and impacts.
Was there a person or event that inspired your work in this area?
Was there a policy that was in place that you felt needed addressing, or was there a policy gap?
Without being modest, how did your work or advocacy move the needle? We aren’t asking you to own the change, just tell us what you were hoping to change, how far it got down the road, and whether ultimately, policy changes were enacted.
We are trying to capture part this for archival information, not public display, so how did you go about it? Build your expertise and work from within? Create grassroots outrage? Sit on all the right boards?
We recognize that change takes time, and want to capture that in our project. Can you give a rough timeline for your advocacy/policy activities. in the context of one or more policies that you worked on?
Please provide any related links to your work, including websites, professional literature, and news stories.
We will be housing digital copies of some archival materials, letter, whitepages, etc. developed by UCSF faculty that need a home. Do you have materials that your like to submit?
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