Global sector policies, and regulations

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Paul Volberding

AIDS Research Institute, Department of Medicine

Areas of Work:
Healthcare financing, HIV, Patient rights

Impact Levels:
Institutional, International, Local, National, Professional, State

Broader culture, Civil society, Global sector policies, and regulations, Federal laws, policies, and regulations, State laws, policies, and regulations, Local laws, policies, and regulations, Professional practice, Published expert/advisory panel recommendations or guidelines

Advisory/technical assistance role, Direct advocacy with legislators (1:1 and community meetings), Direct work with policymakers, Engagement with community advocacy groups (local, regional, or national), Leadership role, Media engagement, Participate in a policy-related academic center, Participation in professional associations and advisory bodies, Provided public testimony to legislators and regulators, Public advisory bodies, Public policy research, Published in professional literature, Serve as an expert witness, Work with groups that advocate for policy change, Write editorials/blogs promoting research-informed policy change