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Portrait of a brown haired woman in a blue jacket

Claire Brindis

Institute for Health Policy Studies

Areas of Work:
Childhood nutrition, Ethics, Health equity, Healthcare financing, Reproductive health, Schools, Workforce, Youth

Impact Levels:
Institutional, Local, National, Professional, State

Broader culture, Civil society, Federal laws, policies, and regulations, State laws, policies, and regulations, Local laws, policies, and regulations, Professional practice, Published expert/advisory panel recommendations or guidelines

Advisory/technical assistance role, Direct advocacy with legislators (1:1 and community meetings), Direct work with policymakers, Engagement with community advocacy groups (local, regional, or national), Media engagement, Participate in a policy-related academic center, Participation in professional associations and advisory bodies, Provided public testimony to legislators and regulators, Public advisory bodies, Public policy research, Published in professional literature, Received training in a policy-related field, Serve as an expert witness, Work with groups that advocate for policy change, Write editorials/blogs promoting research-informed policy change