Health Atlas Update

The UCSF Health Atlas, an interactive population health mapping website, recently underwent several key updates. Our team redesigned the Health Atlas interface for a better experience on mobile. COVID-19 data were added to reflect confirmed case and death totals for nursing home and prison populations, and unemployment data were expanded to include more current 2020 data at the county level. We also incorporated new variables, including seniors living alone, health professional shortage areas, current wildfire risk, and low wage workers, providing additional context to the socioeconomic, community, health care access, environmental health, and poverty domains.

We are continually working to integrate the latest available information and are pleased to announce the update of two major data sources:

  • American Community Survey data were updated to reflect the most current 5-year period available (2015-2019), replacing 2013-2017 estimates. These important data address 40 topics within the social, housing, economic, and demographic domains.
  • CDC PLACES Project data were added to extend data from the CDC’s 500 Cities Project, which were previously limited to more densely populated areas. PLACES Project data are available for all census tracts, regardless of population size and urban-rural status, providing more complete geographic coverage of health and healthcare variables. 

The San Francisco COVID-19 Command Center recently began using Health Atlas to aid their testing and vaccine strategy work.  They write, "Thank you so much for the Health Atlas! We are all amazed and use it here at the COVID Command Center to inform our operations and outreach efforts."

How are you using Health Atlas? Our goal is to make it easier for you to consider population health principles in your research, education, operations, and clinical care. Share your Health Atlas experience and feedback at [email protected]