CMS Data Reuse

Exciting news from the Population Health Data Initiative (PHDI) and the UCSF Information Technology Department’s Academic Research System (ARS)! UCSF is revolutionizing the way researchers access valuable CMS Medicare datasets for their studies with the new and improved CMS Data Reuse Program.

UCSF members can now reuse these datasets for a much lower fee compared to direct requests from CMS, saving valuable time and money. This innovative program includes a range of services such as consultation, data selection, statistical analysis, and data cleaning and wrangling. With the added benefit of IRB guidance, cohort extraction, and DUA lifecycle management, UCSF researchers can easily access and utilize these datasets to further their research in population health, health equity, and health services.

CMS datasets are stored in a secured, NIST-compliance computing environment per UCSF and CMS data security requirements, but the program also offers additional services such as statistical programming and RAE environment support. With this partnership between PHDI and ARS, the CMS Data Reuse Program has a new home to provide even greater resources and support for UCSF researchers.

Say goodbye to the labor-intensive and time-consuming process of obtaining CMS data directly from CMS. With the CMS Data Reuse Program, UCSF researchers can now access these valuable datasets with ease and efficiency. Learn more about the datasets.

Services available for researchers reusing CMS data

  • Consulting services: study protocol/aims consultation, funding opportunities, appropriate data selections for study, IRB consultation, statical analysis, and CMS reuse application process.
  • Data Use Agreement lifecycle management services: Maintain CMS DUA throughout the project lifetime including personnel changes, data set changes and amendment submission.
  • Pair with UCSF_CMS DMP SAQ per new CMS requirement and must access the data through RAE.
  • Data preparation and management: Data preparation and management services. This may include data cleaning, data wrangling, and data harmonization
  • Statistical programming: Statistical programming services, depending on the level of complexity and expertise required.
  • RAE Environment: Data storage, analysis environment, provision of virtual machines, user onboarding, data transfer, and user support.

On-Prem CMS Data access through Academic Research Systems (ARS)

  • Reuse data application fee paid directly to CMS:
    • One-time reuse application fee - $2,000
    • Each amendment application fee - $2,000
  • Access CMS data for reuse through ARS: Annual access fee - $10,500
    • The fee covers a total of 75 working hours which encompass a range of services such as new project consultation, IRB guidance, DUA life cycle management, data security compliance, access to data in RAE, programmer consultation, folders provision in RAE, and technical support from ARS.
  • Additional support is available per ARS recharge rate: $140/hour: Project-specific data analysis, analytic support, data cleaning, data wrangling, data/cohort extraction, and data harmonization.

Need Help?

For free assistance with cost estimates and determining if the CMS Data Reuse Program meets your research needs, please submit a CTSI Consultation Request Form.

For any additional questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Learn more about using Medicare data for your projects: PHDI Medicare Mini-Series: Make Medicare Data Work for You.